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Are you in seeking a child custody lawyer?

Child Custody  Lawyers in Edmonton 

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Child Custody Services

Are you seeking a child custody lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta? Determining where your child will live and who will see them may be the most difficult choice a parent has to make. At Alberta Law Office, our role is to help you navigate through these issues and put your children’s needs first. Our first goal would be to resolve the issues outside of court. If it is not possible to work together, Alberta Law Office can represent your interests in court. We will ensure that your rights are respected and that your children’s best interests remain the priority.

The Best Interests Of The Children:

Issues to be settled, whether separating parents are married or not, are the same. They include.

Who will live with the children?

The children may live with you or their other parent, or share their time with you.

Who can see the children?

If you do not live with your children, you and your children still have a right to see one another. Other relatives, including grandparents, may also wish to have parenting time or contact time.

Who can make decisions?

These include decisions about the children’s education, health and religious upbringing.

Who will support the children?

Support is determined by taking into account the parents’ income and whom the children live with.

There may be many additional matters to discuss. For example, one parent may wish to move (mobility application), or travel extensively with the children. Decisions may need to be made about the role of stepparents, especially unmarried stepparents, or new partners of the separating parents.

Other issues that parents must consider:

  • Relocation – If one parent wants to relocate, factors to consider are:

    • Proposed parenting schedule

    • Effect of relocation on the parent-child relationship

    • Reasons for moving such as financial or support systems

    • Comparisons of both jurisdictions

    • Costs associated with access for the non-custodial parents

    • Amount of notice provided to non-custodial parents

    • Each party's financial resources

    • Existing arrangement for custody.

  • When appointing independent counsel for children, factors to consider are

    • Allegations of child abuse

    • Alienation

    • Real issues of cultural or religious differences affecting the child

  • Guardianship – determining if the father is a guardian if he is not on the birth certificate, factors to consider are:

    • Evidence that they have acknowledged they are a parent

    • Length and timing of cohabitation with mother in relation to birth

    • Any agreements

  • Jurisdiction – Where should the legal matter be heard, factors to consider are:

    • The location where the parties have lived;

    • The location where the evidence will be found

    • The physical presence of the child(ren).

    • Length of time the child(ren) has lived in each jurisdiction

CHILD CUSTODY Lawyers in Edmonton

Child custody battles can be messy affairs that require the best child custody lawyers in Edmonton and Alberta. The court's perception of a parent can have a long-term effect on their relationship with their children. Despite popular belief, parental visitation rights are not ‘rights’ but more of a privilege.


You might not be aware of it, but child custody battles can leave a long-lasting and confusing effect on your relationship with your children. Many people believe that child custody battles are set in stone for life; however, there is no such thing as permanent custody orders. Custodial agreements may change if one or both parents do something to disrespect the custodial arrangement created by the court order. This includes issues like alcohol and drug abuse/abuse during pregnancy.


In child custody cases, custody rights are primary and small things can make a big difference. Any abuse of power by one parent is likely to lead to retaliation against the other but it’s important that there not be any animosity between you so as not to damage your child’s development more harmfully than necessary.


Child custody is often the most difficult child custody issue to resolve, and it requires skilled legal advice that only a child

custody lawyer can provide. Our Child custody lawyers in Edmonton have extensive experience dealing with child custody matters for children all across Alberta. They will ensure your case is handled properly from start to finish so you obtain all of your parental rights as quickly as possible. Contact Alberta Law Office today and receive a free consultation and information regarding child custody law and how we can help your case!

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