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Divorce Lawyers in Edmonton Alberta

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Divorce Attorney Services

If you are seeking a divorce, it is essential that you find an attorney who will represent your interests professionally, fairly and honestly.  An experienced divorce attorney can provide a clear perspective about the legal options available to you.  


There may be several reasons to seek a divorce and although it can be a mutually agreed decision, it is often a complex and stressful process.  When children, finances, assets and pets are involved, the process to dissolve a marriage equitably requires a solid legal strategy and advice.  Using the services of an attorney to navigate the legal process for a divorce in Alberta is always a smart decision.

Why Choose Alberta Law Office For Your Divorce?

Our divorce lawyers at Alberta Law Office are experienced, dedicated and known to deliver on commitments to their clients.  We can help guide you through any legal process or situation you encounter during your divorce.  Our divorce lawyers understand that your future, your family, and your finances can be significantly impacted by the decisions you make while pursuing a divorce.  Our divorce attorneys work diligently to ensure you avoid legal errors that can cost you time, and money or create additional legal struggles down the road.


We recognize if someone is working through a divorce, they have enough stress to manage.  Our clients have peace of mind knowing an experienced divorce attorney is in their corner and looking out for their best interests.  We ensure that all our clients' options are clear to them so they can make informed decisions about matters that can have long-term impacts.


No matter how straightforward or complicated your divorce or partnership dissolution is, the Alberta Law Office Team can guide you through any legal situation you are facing.  Contact us today for your free consultation with our Edmonton office.

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What is a Divorce Lawyer?


Attorneys are qualified to handle a wide variety of legal matters.  However, when someone is seeking a divorce lawyer in Alberta, they are typically seeking a professional who specializes in family law and has experience with the legal process for separation, divorce and other family law matters in this province.   

What Does a Divorce Lawyer Do?


An experienced divorce lawyer will be able to support a client with filing the paperwork required by law when pursuing a divorce.  This can include legal documents required for:


  • Separation agreements

  • Child custody

  • Spousal and/or child support payments

  • Property division


A divorce lawyer can provide legal advice for spouses seeking divorce as well as civil partnerships seeking dissolution.  They also advocate for their client’s interests both inside and outside the Alberta courtroom.  A divorce attorney can also ensure that your spouse or partner is fully disclosing information regarding assets and liabilities so that a fair and rightful divorce or dissolution is reached.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta?


One of the great things about living in a large city like Edmonton is that there are many options available when you need legal divorce services.  However, this can also make the task a bit daunting. There are several factors to consider when choosing a lawyer in Edmonton including the lawyer's credentials, experience and fees.


Credentials: When you are meeting with a new lawyer for the first time you will want to ask about their qualifications and education.  A qualified lawyer will have a Law Degree (Juris Doctor) and may have additional education that is relevant.  It is important to ensure that they are licensed to practice in Alberta. The relationship between lawyer and client is an important one.  Part of checking a lawyer's credentials includes their track record with clients.  Asking people you trust who they choose to represent them in Edmonton and why they have chosen them is a great starting point.  You can also ask your lawyer to provide references.  


Experience: Look for a lawyer who has specific and significant experience with the type of situation you are facing.  If your divorce is straightforward, you may be comfortable with a lawyer with only a few years of experience.  If you are experiencing a difficult child custody situation or have significant property assets, you may want a divorce attorney with a notable track record to handle your divorce or dissolution.


Fees: Finally, be sure to compare prices and fees. You do not have to sacrifice quality legal service for a reasonable fee.  Many law offices, including the Alberta Law Office, offer free consultations.  Get several quotes and compare the value of service, qualifications and experience you feel you will receive.


Alberta's Best Divorce Lawyers


At Alberta Law Office we are a powerhouse family law team proudly serving Edmontonians and Albertans with the professional services they are looking for when filing for divorce.  We take the time to walk our clients through every legal aspect of their situation so they can make the right decisions for themselves and their families. We are committed to building trust and being responsive to our client's needs.  If you are seeking the best legal divorce services available, we invite you to contact us and discover why our legal services are highly rated in Edmonton, Alberta for yourself.

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Going through a divorce can be difficult and create strain on many aspects of your life including living arrangements, child custody, finances and access to property.  With the assistance of a skilled lawyer, you can have the confidence to go through your divorce journey knowing your legal rights in Alberta are being advocated for.  This can empower you to make important decisions along the way and save you time, money and stress.


Step 1: Assess Your Legal Grounds for Divorce in Alberta


To begin the divorce procedure, you must determine that you have the legal grounds to demonstrate a breakdown in the marriage.  According to section 8 of the Canadian Divorce Act, you can seek a divorce if:


  • You have been separated and apart from your spouse for one year

  • Your spouse has committed adultery

  • Your spouse was physically or mentally cruel


It is important to note that you can begin the process of seeking a divorce anytime after separation but it will not be granted until one year has been completed.  If adultery or cruelty is established the one-year separation period may not be applicable.  During separation, if you and your spouse seek to cohabitate and reconcile for a period of more than 90 days,  the one-year requirement begins again from the date you ceased cohabiting.  There are some situations where a couple may still reside in the same house and still be considered separated.  Seeking legal counsel to advise you on the particulars of your situation and what would be required to have legal grounds for divorce is just one way that a divorce attorney can support you.


Step 2: Seek Legal Counsel and Find the Right Fit


Once you have established that you have the legal grounds to divorce, or intend to start the process of separation, it is highly recommended that you seek legal advice that is applicable to the circumstances of your marriage breakdown.  Choosing the right lawyer for your situation is essential.  You may have trusted friends or family that have gone through the process and offer advice.  However, it can be unsettling if you receive conflicting advice and opinions about important legal decisions for you and your family.  A good attorney has a duty of care to look out for their client's best interests in accordance with the law.  You can rely on their legal expertise and experience in divorce claims to have a clear path forward. 


We recommend having one divorce attorney to advocate for you and guide you on your legal journey.  If you are unsure what to look for, we encourage you to read the short article above titled: What Should I Consider When Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta.  


In addition to considering credentials, experience and fees, the relational aspect between a client and their attorney is equally important.  Even if a lawyer has solid credentials, deep experience and reasonable fees they still may not be the right fit.  This is why taking advantage of offices that offer free consultations is critical.  In order to best represent a client, the client needs to be open and honest about the circumstances of their separation and divorce.  This means you need to be assured that the lawyer you are working with has a confidential, compassionate and credible approach.  


Here at Alberta Law Office, we understand that trust is essential to the professional relationship between client and attorney - this is why we offer free consultations and are open to answering any questions you may have about our approach to family law and what to expect for timely and thorough responses to your legal inquiries.

Step 3: Understand the Process for Filing for Divorce


If you have separated from your spouse or are considering separation, it is important to have a lawyer draw up a separation agreement.  This is a legally enforceable contract that will manage significant decisions made between you and your spouse about parenting arrangements; child or spousal support; and property or asset division.  A separation agreement may not be necessary if property and children are not involved in the divorce. However, in most situations, it is a critical step in the process.


There are court processes to follow when seeking a divorce. Your divorce lawyer can help you with the necessary divorce forms depending on if you have dependent children or not.  Your lawyer can also make you aware of any fees that will be charged by the court to file your Statement of Claim for Divorce.  There is also an option to file a Statement of Claim for Divorce and Division of Matrimonial Property.  Discuss which option is right for you with your divorce lawyer.  


If you are the one filing the claim, you are considered the Plaintiff and your spouse will be the Defendant.  The Defendant must be served the claim by someone other than the Plaintiff.  This can be a personal contact or a professional process server.  Depending on the residency of your spouse, they will have a deadline to dispute the claim.  There are many legal details and documents involved in this process which may vary depending on your unique situation.  This is why we strongly advise having a divorce lawyer to support you along the way.  


Finally, if your divorce is either uncontested or your spouse does not respond to the claim, no court hearing is required.  If the grounds for divorce are met and all the divorce claim documents are completed, a judge will review the divorce file and determine if your divorce judgment is granted.  There is a 30-day option for either spouse to appeal the divorce judgment.  Your divorce is not “final” until the appeal period has ended.  Once the appeal period ends, you can apply for a Certificate of Divorce.  This certificate is important if either the Plaintiff or Defendant wishes to remarry.


Canadian divorce laws are meant to ensure that property is equitably divided between spouses and also provide unique considerations when children are involved in a divorce.  Having a lawyer navigate you through the situations that apply to you is absolutely necessary to having an equitable divorce outcome.  A good divorce lawyer will seek to ensure the rights of you and your children are honoured and the property division is fair. 


It is also important to note that you need to be an Alberta resident for a minimum of one year before your divorce can proceed in this province.




The laws surrounding divorce, separation agreements, property division and protection and care of children are complex and not everyone’s divorce situation is the same.  Having a divorce attorney on your side who is both dedicated and experienced is the most effective way to be empowered to make the best decisions for you as you go through the divorce process.  Our legal team has both the experience and expertise to advise you on any matter related to family law and the divorce process.  We know that the process can be challenging and are available to support you with any legal matter you are facing.


Alberta Law Office: Here to Help and Inform


We hope the information provided gives you a helpful overview of what the steps are when seeking a divorce and are committed to sharing information to support our clients and readers on matters of family law.  If you found this information helpful or have more questions we would love to hear from you.  Leave your comments below to let us know if this information helped you in your search for an Edmonton divorce lawyer.  


We also offer many additional legal services for Edmonton and Alberta including: 


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