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Alberta Law Office (ALO) is the fastest-growing family law firm in Alberta. Our award-winning family lawyers put the best interests of your family as their #1 priority, even after separation. We have morning meetings where we all brainstorm on our files and come up with solutions as a team. We do not believe that separation must end in a battle where one wins and one loses. Alberta Law Office is a solo-owned and operated law firm located in Alberta, Canada. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff of lawyers and paralegals provide legal assistance in a variety of areas such as family law, real estate law, wills and probate among other categories.


Alberta Law Office is committed to making it easy for you to connect with our lawyers. We have a number of online resources and tools available, such as our interactive case forms, newsletters and blog posts. If you need more personalized support, we also offer telephone consultations as well as walk-in visits from our office location in Edmonton Alberta. We appreciate the trust you put in us and we pledge to always put your best interests first.

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We specialize in family law issues including cohabitation, divorce, child & spousal support, parenting time, asset and debt division:

What You Can Expect 

All our lawyers are very professional and personable, and offer our clients a myriad of services that you can be ensured you are satisfied with. At Alberta Law Office we can ensure your case is settled the right way and done with proper research and care. We prefer to help you through the process without the need to fight a battle or argue.


By going with Alberta Law Office you can rest at ease knowing our team is fully capable of handling matters with the best and most knowledgeable lawyers in Alberta. If you're in need of a family lawyer our offices can help in a range of services including divorce or separation, child custody, and child support. We provide you and your family with highly skilled legal services that you will not regret.


Alberta Law Office would like to serve you and will do our best to show you what is available and what you will need. We want to help you with any problem in need of legal advice, so it is best to contact us to set up an appointment.

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You can contact us by phone at 780-937-2220 or by using our contact form located here.

We look forward to speaking to you and Alberta Law Office will always be available to help you. Our goal is to build a relationship with you and a service you can trust, always.

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Welcome to Alberta Law Office. If you are here, you probably need help. Whether it’s information, resources, guidance, legal coaching, or legal representation, we have more family law resources designed specifically for you than you can find anywhere else. We understand that family law is far more than a legal transaction, it’s a life-changing event, and the stakes are much higher than the cost of legal fees.

This is your story, and this is your life. We are honoured to be chosen to be a part of your story. No matter what you have been through, our philosophies and values remain constant. We are committed to your growth and whole health, and we promise to practice law for you creatively, optimistically, bravely, and with empathy. Once you hire a family lawyer from Alberta Law Office, you are never alone.

The family law lawyers at the AB law office have a wide range of experience in the area of family law including an independent child and spousal support. We can assist you with all aspects of family law, from property division to protection orders, separation agreements and other options for dealing with contentious issues that arise during divorce or separation.

The law office family law provides services in family law and has a good reputation due to its high-quality legal expertise.

The family law lawyers at ab law office have a wide range of experience in the area of family law including independent and collaborative dispute resolution, separation agreements, spousal maintenance, division and distribution of property/assets.

Family Lawyers

Precedent - Setting Family Lawyer

"Alberta Law Office has set the precedent for family law. View our cases available online at Canadian Legal Information Institute | CanLII

Real Estate Lawyers Edmonton Alberta

Real Estate Lawyers in Edmonton Alberta

The Alberta Law Office provides legal services to both individuals and businesses in the province of Alberta. The office has helped clients with real estate transactions, land titles issues, business law matters and more.


Our real estate lawyer will have a deep understanding of the complexities involved in real estate law. He works on matters pertaining to buy and sale, lease agreements, home improvements and land ownership. Our lawyers will be able to represent his client by handling disputes related to bankruptcy proceedings against landlords or sellers relating back payments etc.

Our real estate lawyer in Edmonton is here to help all real estate investors, business owners and those who are searching for a property for the first time. No matter how big or small your needs may be, our real estate lawyer will assist you and guide you through whichever step of your mission. As one of one best-rated law firms in Edmonton, we have many satisfied clients as well as customers around Edmonton. However, if there is anything you would like us to accomplish that isn't on the list of our legal services, do not hesitate to contact us and let's discuss what our team can provide you.


"Alberta Law Office has provided me with new tools regarding my legal case and has been exceptional in guiding me in the right direction. Would highly recommend their services to anyone."