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Business Updates Alberta

Updating director and shareholder information, as well as a business address, typically involves making changes to the corporate records of a company, such as a corporation or an unincorporated business. While these changes can be straightforward, it's important to follow the legal requirements and procedures to ensure accuracy and compliance with the law. Here's how our Business lawyer can assist with these updates:


Identify the Need for Updates

Work with our Business lawyer to identify the specific updates needed. This could include adding or removing directors or shareholders, changing their contact information, or updating the registered business address.

Review Corporate Documents:


Our Business lawyer will review the company's existing corporate documents, such as the articles of incorporation (for a corporation) or the operating agreement (for an unincorporated business), to determine the correct procedure for making these changes.

Draft Legal Documentation:


Our Business lawyer will draft the necessary legal documentation to effectuate the changes. This may include resolutions or consents by the board of directors or shareholders to approve the changes.


File Required Filings

Our Business lawyer will ensure that any required filings are submitted to the appropriate government agencies. This may involve filing amended articles of incorporation or other forms.

Update Corporate Records:


Our Business lawyer will update the company's corporate records to reflect the changes in director and shareholder information. This includes updating the company's minute book or unincorporated business records.

Compliance with Legal Requirements:


Our Business lawyer will ensure that all changes are made in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This includes adhering to any notice requirements, waiting periods, or voting procedures.

Communication with Relevant Parties:


Our Business lawyer can communicate with relevant parties, such as the corporate registry or government agencies, to facilitate the updates and ensure that the changes are properly recorded.

Notification to Affected Parties:


If the changes involve shareholders, our Business lawyer can help notify affected parties of the updates, especially if it impacts their ownership interests.



Our Business lawyer will ensure that all documentation related to the changes is properly recorded and maintained in the company's records.

Provide Legal Advice:


Throughout the process, our Business lawyer can provide legal advice and guidance to ensure that the changes are made accurately and without legal complications.

Updating director and shareholder information, as well as the business address, is a vital part of maintaining a company's corporate records and ensuring compliance with the law. While some changes may be relatively straightforward, others can be more complex, especially in larger or more regulated entities. Having our Business lawyer involved in the process can help navigate any legal complexities and ensure that the updates are made correctly and in accordance with legal requirements.

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