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Moe R. Househ  | Founder | Legal Attorney

Why did I become a lawyer?

What you learn very quickly is that the law is a problem-solving tool. The challenge comes in determining how to use that tool to solve a client’s legal problem.   I enjoy that process and get great satisfaction in being a problem solver for my client.

What qualities do you bring to the job that make you well suited to be a lawyer?

People tell me that I am a good communicator.   I can make even the most complicated legal matter understandable for my client, which is absolutely vital to achieving success.   Details matter and they need to be communicated to the client in a timely fashion.

What areas of law will you handle primarily?

The areas of the law that touch everyone’s life at one point or another —   Family Law, Real Estate and Wills and Estates.

What things should a client avoid?

Taking legal advice from friends or relatives who have had some experience with the legal system.   They are often well-meaning, but they actually make things more difficult.   You can only have one advocate.

What are your personal interests?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am a huge sports fan. I enjoy playing and watching Hockey, Basketball, Football and Soccer. Politics and current events are a huge interest of mine as well.

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