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Registering a non-profit organization typically involves several steps, and our non-profit lawyer with experience in non-profit registrations can ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Below are the general steps you might follow with the guidance of our non-profit lawyer:


Define Your Mission and Purpose

Clearly define the mission, objectives, and activities of your non-profit organization. This will help determine your eligibility for non-profit status and guide your application.

Choose a Legal Structure:


With the help of our non-profit lawyer, decide on the most appropriate legal structure for your non-profit. Common options include non-profit organizations and non-profit companies.


Name Your Organization

Select a unique and appropriate name for your non-profit organization, ensuring that it complies with naming regulations in Alberta.

Draft Bylaws:


Prepare bylaws that outline the internal governance structure and rules for your organization. Our non-profit lawyer can assist in drafting these bylaws to ensure they meet legal requirements.

Board of Directors:


Appoint a board of directors that will oversee the operations of your organization. Our non-profit lawyer can provide guidance on selecting board members and their roles and responsibilities.

Incorporate your non-profit:

Our non-profit lawyer can help with the incorporation process, including preparing and filing the necessary documents.

Comply with Regulations:


Ensure compliance with provincial and federal regulations governing non-profit organizations and companies. Our non-profit lawyer will advise on reporting and filing requirements.

Record Keeping and Compliance:


Establish a robust record-keeping system to maintain financial records, meeting minutes, and other important documents. Our non-profit lawyer will advise on compliance and reporting obligations.

Ongoing Legal Counsel:


Retain our non-profit lawyer to provide ongoing legal counsel. Non-profit organizations and companies often face legal challenges related to contracts, governance, employment, and compliance, and having legal guidance is essential.

Consulting with our non-profit lawyer who is knowledgeable about the laws and regulations in your area is crucial to successfully establishing and operating your non-profit. Legal advice ensures that your organization is compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements and can focus on its mission effectively

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