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Are you seeking a probate lawyer in Alberta?

Probate Lawyers

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what is a probate lawyer?

A Probate lawyer is an attorney who deals in probates and trusts and is necessary for the estate-related processes when a person dies. Probate lawyers help in processing the estate and generally speaking, work with executors and beneficiaries in Alberta estates with the aim of ensuring the wishes of the deceased person are honored during the administration process.


A Probate lawyer in Alberta is anyone who is licensed to practice within this area. They can also be referred to as an estate lawyers. Dealing with a death in a family can be difficult. At Alberta Law office we will do our best to ensure the process is as respectful and professional as possible. A Probate lawyer in Alberta will protect the interests of the deceased at all cost and they work to ensure that you receive the entitlement requested within the will.

How long does probate take?

The process of probate can take a considerable amount of time. This depends greatly on the will and the assets that need to be accessed. It can be done in several weeks, however if there are any disputes the process could increase to several months and litigation processes could be required. The probate process involves conducting an inventory of the deceased's assets.

What documents are required for a probate?

There are several documents needed to probate a will, these documents include:

  • A Death Certificate

  • Will

  • An Application

It is not always necessary to go through probate in Alberta. If the estate is relatively small and does not involve any third parties then you may not have to proceed with the probate process. You may need to go through a probate process if:

  • The asset value is high

  • Assets are in the name of the deceased

  • The will is being disputed

Alberta Law Office is ready to assist you with probate. Please contact our lawyers today and receive further information on how we can assist you

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