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Real Estate Seller Lawyer in edmonton alberta

Finding a Top Seller Lawyer in Alberta

Are you looking for an experienced real estate seller lawyer in Alberta? Do you need to sell your Edmonton real estate property fast? Do you have legal questions or concerns about real estate sales? If so, you have come to the right place. Here at the Alberta Law Office, our seller lawyers can provide you with the guidance necessary for any legal transaction related to selling real estate.

What is a Seller Lawyer?

The seller's lawyer is an attorney who represents the interests of the client selling residential or commercial real estate.  They can guide clients regarding the legal sale of property but are also experienced in negotiations with other parties like landlords and tenants, builders, inspectors, contractors and insurance companies. Some seller lawyers also handle cases involving housing code violations.

As the seller’s representative, the seller's lawyer is an advocate appointed by a seller who helps protect the seller’s interest on all matters related to the sale of real estate including disclosures and contract review during the purchase process from the seller’s perspective.


The seller lawyer’s primary role is to represent the seller by advocating for their needs and protecting their interests in accordance with real estate laws in Alberta.  Hiring an attorney to represent your real estate sale ensures all matters relating to the sale, including disclosures and purchase contract review, will directly protect the seller’s interests. It is crucial that the seller has separate legal representation from the buyer.

What Services Can I Expect from an Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer?


An experienced seller lawyer can provide legal services to inform, protect and advocate for the seller’s interests during the sale of real estate. Services a seller lawyer can provide include:


  • Providing legal advice on contract law, real estate law, and property law. 

  • Using expert knowledge of Edmonton real estate and Alberta real estate law to maximize the sale of your residential or commercial property

  • Resolving any disputes that may arise during the sale or purchase of a property. 

  • Reviewing sale contracts and all other associated legal documents to ensure the seller’s terms and interests are properly represented

  • Prepare the deed and resolve any title concerns.

  • Answering any questions the seller has about the sale contracts or the legal processes involved with the sale of property, assets or shares.

  • Close the real estate sale authorize the release of keys and exchange documents with the buyer’s lawyer


At Alberta Law Office we can provide you with sound legal advice on how to maximize the sale of your residential or commercial property.  We will use our expertise to work with interested buyers and their lawyers making sure that your interests are protected in the process.


What Should I Ask When Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer?


  1. Ask about their availability.  Knowing how many clients they are currently serving will give an indication of whether their availability will match your needs as a seller.

  2. Ask about their experience.  Depending on how complex or unique your situation is, you may want to know that your real estate sale is something the seller's lawyer has dealt with previously and successfully.

  3. Ask about fees.  Seller attorney fees will vary depending on the amount of legal documents involved the complexity of the sale, navigating any disputes that arise and many other factors.  However, you can inquire about general fee rates and ensure you are getting fair value for the legal expertise being offered.


Alberta Law Office seller lawyers are committed to being available for their client's needs.  They offer dedication, expertise and professionalism during what can often be a stressful and complicated legal process.  We can handle any type of residential or commercial real estate sale.  Our seller lawyers make the sales process as smooth as possible and provide clear communication for our clients so you are informed every step of the way.

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