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Edmonton Family Law Office

 Amalle Haymour  |       Family Lawyer

Amalle Haymour attended the University of Alberta, where she obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2011, followed by her Juris Doctor in 2014. She was called to the Alberta bar in 2015. Amalle prides herself on her strong analytical skills. While she thrives when it comes to problem solving, she is also known for her interpersonal skills.


Amalle has always been described by others as a “people person.” In fact, Amalle owns a successful business outside of legal practice that involves dealing with others on a daily basis. Family law is Amalle’s main area of practice at the Alberta Law office. She is passionate about practicing family law, as it allows her to put both her strong analytical and interpersonal skills to use when helping others navigate the complexities of the legal system. Amalle focuses on easing client fears surrounding the legal process while working towards successful outcomes. In addition to her family law practice, Amalle also practices in the areas of; Real Estate and Wills and Estates. Outside of legal practice, Amalle enjoys spending time with family and friends and travelling with her husband

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