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Copyright Alberta

Here's how to register copyright with the assistance of our lawyer:


Identify the Work

Determine the specific work or works that you want to register for copyright. Copyright can apply to a wide range of creative works, including literary, artistic, musical, and dramatic works.


Consult with our Lawyer

Schedule an initial consultation with our copyright lawyer to discuss your copyright registration needs and any questions you may have. 


Gather Documentation

Work with our Copyright lawyer to gather the necessary documentation for copyright registration. This may include the original work, any previous ownership or licensing agreements, and information about the author or creator.

Complete the Copyright Registration Application

Our Copyright lawyer will assist you in completing the copyright registration application, which can be submitted to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). The application typically requires details about the work, the author, and the copyright owner.

Pay the Application Fee:


Copyright registration with CIPO typically involves a fee. Our Copyright lawyer can help you understand the cost and facilitate the payment.

Submit the Application:


Our Copyright lawyer will submit the completed copyright registration application to CIPO on your behalf.


Follow Up

Our Copyright lawyer can keep you updated on the progress of your copyright registration application and provide any additional documentation or information requested by CIPO.

Receive Copyright Certificate:


Once your copyright registration is approved, you will receive a copyright certificate from CIPO, which serves as evidence of your copyright ownership.

Ongoing Copyright Management:


Our Copyright lawyer can provide ongoing legal advice on copyright management, including licensing, enforcement, and protection of your copyrighted works.

Individuals and organizations choose to work with us to ensure that the process is handled correctly and to receive legal guidance on copyright matters.

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