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Annual Returns

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Annual Returns Alberta

Annual filings for a business in Alberta typically involve maintaining and updating corporate records and submitting required documents to regulatory authorities. Our Business lawyer can be an invaluable resource in ensuring that your business complies with these annual filing requirements. Here are some of the key annual filings and responsibilities for businesses in Alberta, along with how our Business lawyer can assist:


Annual Return

Alberta corporations are required to file an annual return with the Alberta Corporate Registry. This document provides updated information about your corporation, such as the current directors and registered office address.

Our Business lawyer can assist in preparing and filing the annual return, ensuring that it is accurate and submitted on time.


Shareholder and Director Changes

If there are changes in the composition of your board of directors or shareholders during the year, these changes must be recorded and reported to the Alberta Corporate Registry.

Our Business lawyer can assist with updating corporate records and notifying the authorities of these changes.

Annual General Meeting (AGM):


Alberta corporations are generally required to hold an annual general meeting of shareholders. Your lawyer can help you plan and organize the AGM, prepare the necessary documentation, and ensure compliance with the Alberta Business Corporations Act (ABCA).

Ongoing Legal Advice:


Throughout the year, our Business lawyer can provide legal advice and guidance on various corporate matters, contract reviews, compliance issues, and any legal changes that may affect your business.

Other Regulatory Filings

Depending on your industry and specific activities, there may be additional annual filings or reports required by regulatory authorities in Alberta. Our Business lawyer can help you identify and comply with these requirements.

Working with our Business lawyer ensures that your annual filings and corporate governance activities are conducted correctly and in accordance with the law. They can also help you stay updated on changes in corporate regulations and provide guidance on best practices for maintaining your business's legal and financial health.

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