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Enforcement Lawyer In Alberta

Reviewing the Laws


Enforcement Lawyer Services

Enforcement lawyers are tasked with carrying out enforcement orders. They are often the first point of contact for enforcement options. A lawyer can provide enforcement in a legal case and enforce payment of debts, child support payments, and court awards by collecting assets.

What Is Enforcement?

Enforcement is one part of the Canadian justice system that specializes in compelling people to do what is just or right. Lawyers that provide enforcement come into play when collectible items such as property and money become available but an enforcement order has not been put in place yet. The Enforcement Officer may be contacted depending on which province the client resides in so they can arrange for enforcement with a Justice of Peace or Sheriff.

Information Regarding Enforcement

An enforcement order includes various ways to come about fulfilling the enforcement request. It also helps to ensure enforcement statutes are appropriately amended where needed to provide restitution for people who have been wrongfully affected. Enforcement Lawyers work in the civil court system and help facilitate enforcement through different forms of enforcement that can be put into place or enforced by Alberta Law Officers (Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, etc.) who will then take enforcement steps to recover lost property or money from a debtor(s). An enforcement lawyer is also available if a creditor has had enough time with no progress on their enforcement request.

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